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To better understand the Emmanuel Community and Pierre Goursat, its founder, we propose the following reference books:


  • Fire and hope

By Bernard Peyrous et Hervé-Marie Catta. Editions de l’Emmanuel

This book traces the life of Pierre Goursat, founder of the Emmanuel Community and the beginnings of the community. What happened in February 1972? Why was the Community named Emmanuel? You will find out when you read this book.

  • Words of Pierre Goursat

Compiled and presented by Martine Catta. Editions de l’Emmanuel

Pierre Goursat, the founder of the Emmanuel Community, left a rich spiritual heritage in his words. The simplicity of his words regarding certain profound ideas impressed those around him, especially the first members of the Community who knew him well. Martine Catta, the co-founder of the Community, was by his side from the earliest days. She has carefully gathered together Pierre Goursat’s words in order to present them to the greatest number of readers. She points out the historical and personal landmarks of Pierre’s life but remains anonymous behind his words. She permits the reader to listen to Pierre Goursat himself and so hear his call to Adoration, compassion and mission. The benevolent pedagogy of this unassuming man, who was inspired by the Holy Spirit, leads us to the Essential One. A book to read and slowly meditate on.





These books are available from the Emmanuel bookshop.


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