Life Committed in Celibacy

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Certain men and women in the Emmanuel Community receive the call to give themselves entirely to God in celibacy for the Kingdom. The first commitments in celibacy took place on 3rd January 1981. There are now more than 200 men and women in five continents living out this calling.

A vocation at the heart of the world

These are lay people who go out to meet others and seek to love them by following and announcing Christ in their everyday lives. These meetings may occur during their professional, social and family commitments, in their apostolic activities and in their daily fraternal life together.

In imitating Christ by their poverty, chastity and obedience, they demonstrate God’s primacy and spur other baptised people to go further in giving of themselves. Their life choice and their undivided love for Christ witness to the vocation that we all have – i.e. to live in God at the present moment and for all eternity. It is a witness to the world.

according to the charism of the Emmanuel Community

Committed celibacy for the Kingdom is a form of missionary life, marked by the Community’s charisms. In foregoing the possibility of raising a family, members committed in celibacy are more personally available for Adoration, compassion and evangelisation. With all the other members of the Community, from whom they receive witness and support, they seek to be led by the Holy Spirit and grow in sanctity in order to serve Christ and mankind at the heart of the world.

For feminine commitment in celibacy a series of evenings and weekends are offered to discover, deepen and welcome this call from God.

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