How to pray?

Prayer is the breathing of the heart. It is nourished by the Bible, the Gospels, the Psalms, the main prayers of the Church and by hymns. It is completed in the silence of contemplation, in welcoming Christ who reveals the face of God the Father and who communicates the Holy Spirit. It is a source of peace, love, trust and joy.


– Go into a church, or close the door of your room. Try to rest in silence, listen, watch, reflect and meditate.
– Talk to God – whom we cannot see but who is there – with words that are very simple. Tell Him your joys, your sorrows, your expectations.
– Dare to say the hypothetical prayer: ‘God, if you really exist, make yourself known to me.’
– Open the Bible. Read a psalm or a passage from the Gospel. Turn your heart towards God.
– Enter an inner silence. Place yourself before God’s gaze. Make an act of faith in His presence and in His love.

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