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SilvaniI am 23 and a member of the Emmanuel Community in Indonesia. The first time I met Emmanuel was when a friend invited me to the Youth Forum in Indonesia in 2005. I did not immediately join Emmanuel because I wanted to enjoy my teenage life and thought it would be an obstacle to making friends or even getting boyfriends.

In 2008, I joined an Emmanuel group in order to go to the International Youth Forum and World Youth Day in Australia. There I was touched by the personal love of God for me and I realized that being in the Community was not inconsistent with a joyful life! Since then I have been more active in Emmanuel and I entered the Step of Welcome and Discernment in 2009.

My faith has grown a lot. I have become more spiritual and prayerful, more submissive to the Lord and more open to the missions sent by God. This is why, for example, I accepted to be part of the team of the Jakarta sector. I was also able to develop my love of music by playing many arrangements for the hymns on the guitar or on the piano. In Emmanuel, I feel their fraternal love and I realize the importance of praying for one another. It is also my home, my family and a place where I can grow in the knowledge of God and in compassion.

Silvani Lavinda, member of Emmanuel in Indonesia.

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