Bernard: a meaning to his life

Bernard Bernard is committed in celibacy in the Community.

I had looked for a long time for a meaning to life when the Lord permitted me to meet the Emmanuel Community. I found there a living Church with Christians who happily lived out their faith while respecting the tradition of the Church.

At this time of my conversion, the only way forward seemed to become a priest. I made a retreat to discern my call but I did not count on the ‘unexpected of God’. The beginning of my journey helped me to understand that God’s call for me was in the world. I did not think that I could give myself entirely to God while working each day, until the Lord showed me that the work environment can be a place of sanctification.
Being in the world allows one to meet people who do not know God but who have a great thirst for love. One may work, but also listen and be attentive to the suffering of those around us. This is at the heart of our vocation.

A brother committed in celibacy, son of the Father, Christ’s brother and a friend to men and women. Following the example of St. Joseph and of Pierre Goursat, such a brother is called to become a person of Adoration, because it is there that the Lord gives us the desire for a heart burning with charity for the world.

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