How to pray?

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A meeting

There is no prayer unless we have a definite meeting with God. We are there, for two minutes or thirty, with Him, just for Him, with our whole being, body, mind and heart.
This time of prayer will gradually shape our life of intimacy with God during our daily lives. We do not pray first of all to ask for this or that, but we pass from needing God (help me!) to desiring God – I love You, I want to love You more.
Prayer helps us to recognize God as our God – to never drift away from Him. To stay filled with Him who is Love!

« I am here, and You are there » 

At the beginning of every prayer, we should take a moment to find ourselves and to find God. ‘I am here and You are there.’ There is nothing like saying, ‘I am here’ to mobilize ourselves, to descend to our heart’s depths, the only place for a heart to heart with God. Being really there is to assume, at least for a few minutes, a total openness to God, a total welcome for God.
Then we can afterwards, of course, entrust everything to Him – ourselves, our lives, those we love and those whom we struggle to love. But this will be only be prayer if we are to present in His Presence.


  • Try to maintain silence.Place yourself underthe gaze of Godin his presence.
  • Talk to God – who we cannot see but who is there – with simple words. Tell Him your joys, sorrows, and desires.
  • Open the Bible. Read a psalm, a passage from the Gospel. Meditate on it in your heart. Ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten you.
  • Make an act of faith in His presence and His love.
  • Adore God.
  • Entrust your intentions to Him.
  • Thank Him.

Source: ‘Pourquoi Prier’ (Why Pray) Editions de l’Emmanuel 1998

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