News of our brothers and sisters in Burundi

Laurent Landete’s trip to Burundi in September 2014

Laurent Landete’s trip to Burundi in September 2014

Burundi is at present in a very tense state of build-up to Presidential Elections.

The Emmanuel Community in Burundi has about 150 members, mostly in Bujumbura and Gitega, the two largest towns in the country.

The anxiety which our brothers and sisters shared with us as this pre-election period was approaching has unfortunately been proven justified with major violent incidents yesterday in the capital, Bujumbura, which have left several dead and injured. One of our Community members was wounded by a bullet. He has been operated on and, up to the present, he has received appropriate care. Thousands of Burundians have taken refuge in the neighbouring country, Rwanda, and everyone is looking for places of greater security, either in the country itself, or over the border.

As a result, many Community members have had to flee from their homes in districts threatened by insecurity, and take refuge wherever they can.

Today, Tuesday 28th April, is the third day of rioting, with no real sign of a solution. Let pray fervently for Burundi and for our Community brothers and sisters!

Pierre-François and Christine Graffin, 
Emmanuel Community, The Moderator’s Delegates for Africa

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