Travelling Mission Team

The challenges

  • To proclaim Christ, in particular by the initial proclamation of the Gospel to non-believers.
  • To train and support parishes and practising Catholics in becoming ‘missionary disciples’.
  • To devise and develop new tools for evangelization.


What is a Travelling Mission Team (Equipe Missionnaire Itinérante or EMI) ?

A Travelling Mission Team is a team of 13 members of the Emmanuel Community, of all states of life (students, young working people, couples, priests and women committed in celibacy).

We have come together to witness to the Love of Christ and to make those who wish to evangelize – and who have not yet done so – able to do so.


What we offer

At the request of pastors of the Church (bishops, priests, etc.), we initiate, encourage and support parish missions all over France, from the birth of a project to its implementation and follow-up.



The first Travelling Mission Team was launched in September 2014.

The publication of the Apostolic Exhortation by Pope Francis, ‘Evangelii Gaudium’, triggered the launch of this first Travelling Mission Team.



The Travelling Mission Team is directed by Father Francis Manoukian who answers to the Moderator’s Delegate for France, Michel Bernard de Vrégille.

The Archbishop of Lyons, Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, has agreed to welcome this first Travelling Mission Team in his diocese. He is entrusting to it the preparation of parish missions in the diocese of Lyons.


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