’You represent a much-loved part of the people of God on pilgrimage(Pope Benedict XVI)

The challenges

  • To build fraternal ties with sedentary people
  • To witness to God’s love for the world of travellers.


Travellers are engaged in a number of activities:

  • In organizing each year at Paray-le Monial an Easter Triduum for approximately 100 families and a summer session for about 600 participants.
  • Emmanuel Open Days in Paris, Lyon, Dole and Montlucon
  • Small prayer groups throughout France where they can meet during the winter
  • Schools of Charity and Mission lasting several days which focus on formation and evangelization
  • Annual pilgrimages to Rome and the Holy Land
  • Evangelisation missions in which priests and sedentary people participate.


In 1977, a traveller participated in an Emmanuel prayer group. He came from a Pentecostal family. After a personal encounter with Christ, thanks to the Blessed Virgin, he sought Catholic support. Following this first contact and the involvement of other travellers in prayer groups, the National Chaplain for the travellers asked Pierre Goursat, the founder of Emmanuel, that young sedentary members of the Community should go and pray with the Travellers.

Since 1980, Travellers have attended sessions at Paray-le-Monial. In 1990, two couples joined Emmanuel. Since then others have followed. They now number about sixty.


The Emmanuel Travellers are a ‘Province’ of the Community, like other geographical Provinces. A traveller couple are responsible for this Province. A sedentary couple – correspondents – liaise with the services of the Community.
For more information:
• Emmanuel Travellers – Gens du voyage de l’Emmanuel – Gazette n°1 (download)