The Rock (Le Rocher)

‘Le Rocher Oasis des Cités’ (The Rock – an oasis in deprived areas)
A hope for deprived areas!


The challenges

  • To be present at the heart of deprived areas in building a civilization of love.


Le Rocher sends volunteers to live in the heart of run-down suburbs in order to ensure a presence there. They organize educational, social or cultural activities for the people who live there. This they achieve by running the activities, by accompanying individuals and families, by formation and by integration, mediation and prevention – all according to the motto ‘live, grow and build together’. For example, in 2012:

  • hundreds of young people were encountered every Wednesday in the course of street activities
  • 300 children and adolescents enrolled for help in their homework
  • thirty camps organized away from the deprived areas
  • family visits (of which about a hundred benefitted from enhanced monitoring)
  • about forty meals ‘The Flavours of the World’ organized, each of which attracted an average of 60 people in convivial gatherings


  • 2000 : the first branch started at Bondy (Seine-Saint-Denis) – families and single people came to dwell in the deprived areas
  • 2007: the Association received approvals from ‘Jeunesse Education Populaire et Service Civique’ (Popular Education for Young People and Civic Service)
  • 2011: Le Rocher Oasis des cités became a laureate of ‘le grand prix humanitaire Louis D’, awarded by the Institute of France


  • Eight branches exist in France: Bondy, Lyons, Marseilles, Toulon Sainte Musse, Toulon Beaucaire, Les Mureaux, Grenoble
  • 18 permanent employees (professional social workers or teachers)
  • 20 volunteers in civic service and about 300 volunteers.

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