The invisible One (L’1visible)

A door into faith and to the Church


The challenges

  • To reach people far from the Church by addressing their interests
  • To make spiritual issues present in public life

To be a tool for the initial proclamation of the faith.


L’1visible covers many subjects: news, psychology, spirituality and culture. There is a front-page witness each month in response to questions from the newspaper. The correspondents include Eric- Emmanuel Schmitt, Natasha St-Pier, Jean-Marie Bigard, Alexis Gruss, Anne Roumanoff, Eric Anthony, Lynda Lemay and Jacques Weber.

80 % of French people talk about religion in the family. 64 % of French people say that they are Catholics, even if 90% of them practise very irregularly. They are unanimous in their search for meaning, for coherence in a world that has exhausted the logic of materialism. It is this fact that has led to the founding of the newspaper ‘L’1visible’, which started at the end of 2009, adopting the trend to free newspapers.


Method of distribution: the newspapers are bought in large numbers to distribute free to all as a way of evangelization. Distributors are both individuals and Catholic organizations.
Other media involved in the publication as partners are ‘Le Pélerin’, KTO (Catholic television station) and Magnificat.

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