Love and Truth

… Serving families, education and life


The Challenge

To outline concrete proposals which will help people live their lives before God, whatever their family situation.

  • Preparation for marriage
  • Weekends for couples
  • Schools for married life
  • Marriage counselling
  • Methods of natural birth control
  • Activities for single parents
  • Activities for those divorced and remarried
  • Activities for children and adolescents: ‘Come Get Up’ (4-11 year-olds) and ‘Put out into the Deep’ (12-17 year-olds)
  • Bioethics and Human Life: Bioethics conference, meetings for doctors


From the beginning of the Emmanuel Community, various couples reflected on questions regarding family life. The Community very quickly organized days where these issues were explored in the context of the teaching of the Church. Love & Truth was born, a mission to all families and for the education of children and life itself. It was encouraged by several bishops.

Love and Truth is found in all the countries where the Emmanuel Community is present (57 countries). The work is organized into three branches:

  • Family: Pastoral work with couples and families
  • Education: ‘Come, get up’, ‘Put out into the deep’ etc.
  • Life : Bioethics and human life , doctors

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