Hymns, music and liturgy

Hymns for glorifying God!


The challenges

  • To help us to meet God through hymns and praise
  • To animate the liturgy both spiritually and in an apostolic way, with joy and simplicity, in the spirit of Vatican II
  • Through lyrics rooted in Scripture and the Tradition of the Church


Approximately 400 hymns have been composed since the beginning of the Community by fifty composers in various countries. Publications (CD, scores , website) are being developed. There are now CDs entitled ‘He is alive’ in English, German, Spanish and many other languages ​​such as Arabic , Slovak and Indonesian.


Originally, members of the Emmanuel Community drew from the repertoire of the American Charismatic Renewal for their praise and from Fr. André Gouzes for the liturgy.
Since 1975, various members of Emmanuel also felt called to compose hymns to express their joy in believing and according to the style of the Community.

This led to the “Green Book”, from which hymns are widely used in French parishes. They pave the way for a communion between cultures in proclaiming the Gospel.


Hymns, music and liturgy is a mission of the Emmanuel Community, which employs several permanent staff. In addition to producing numerous albums, an important place is given to formation (schools of evangelization, local formation) and the organisation of music at major events, e.g. sessions at Paray-le-Monial, Community Meetings and Church events such as the Fraternity in 2012.

For more information: www.chants.ilestvivant.com (fr)