He is Alive! (Il est vivant!)

The Emmanuel Community monthly magazine

The challenges

  • To support people in prayer, to strengthen their faith and to nourish their zeal for mission.
  • To form people in faithfulness to the Magisterium of the Church
  • To inform people about the life of the Church and the Emmanuel Community.


Il est vivant! each month contains a press revue and an analysis of current events, a special report, and reports on the New Evangelization, besides news from the Emmanuel Community. In addition to being a monthly magazine, Il est vivant! also publishes special issues and documents. For example, ‘50 questions about life and love’, ‘15 questions about God’, ‘15 questions about the Church’, ‘Thank you, Pope Benedict XVI!’ and ‘Prepare your marriage.’


Founded in 1974 and desired by Pierre Goursat, Il est vivant! was known to come from the French-speaking Renewal. The original name was ‘Cahiers du Renewal’ (Register for the Renewal). The first issue contained several testimonies and was entitled Il est vivant!. Readers then thought that Il est vivant! was the name of the new magazine, and the name stuck.

Then came a double issue which was a collection of hymns used by the first groups of the charismatic renewal. The hymn book has been re-edited and up-dated many times and still has the same name as the magazine.
As soon as it was created the magazine had readers around the world. The first Indonesian subscription was for issue No. 26, then it was the turn of Canadians, then those of the Ivory Coast, then the Haitians etc. The magazine was even published in Poland – under the name of Jezus zyje – as well as in the Cameroons, thanks to the ‘Effort Camerounais’, a newspaper of the Episcopal Conference.


The magazine is published in Paris.

For more information: www.ilestvivant.com (fr)