Go and make others happy, and you will know joy!

The challenges

  • To take part in development projects requested and led by local agencies.
  • To dare to leave one’s comforts and certainties. To experience the giving of oneself and discovering others.
  • To go to the source of joy in serving the poorest of the poor.


The volunteers go out in a spirit of service, with the desire to be witnesses of hope. They may be single people, couples or families, young people, adults or retired people who want to work for the most deprived.
In 2013, there were 200 volunteers in 35 countries. They work for the welfare of deprived people, irrespective of religion, ethnicity or culture, and in a variety of areas – in education, instruction, management, construction and health. They work in a variety of institutions – clinics, refugee centres, centres for street children, agricultural schools.


Fidesco was launched by the Emmanuel Community in 1981 in response to a request from the bishops in the Church in the Southern hemisphere.


Fidesco has a network of experts (doctors, agronomists, economists, former third-world workers and local partners) who examine the projects and give technical support in the field, aiming to give autonomy to these projects.
Fidesco has 11 offices: in France, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, United States, Australia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Rwanda .
In France , Fidesco is accredited by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and sends out ‘Voluntaires de Solidarité’.

Fidesco is a member of:

  • ‘Coordination Sud’ (Co-ordination for the South)
  • ‘Clong-Voluntariat’ (Liaison Committee for NGO volunteer organisations)
  • ‘Conseil National de la Solidarité de l’Eglise de France’ (National Council for Solidarity of the Church in France)

The president of Fidesco International is a member of the Pontifical Council, Cor Unum

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