Emmanuel Publications

Books for meeting God daily


The challenges

  • Popular books which make accessible the mysteries of faith
  • Books for forming and nurturing Christians in the path of faith
  • Books for sharing the experience of the Emmanuel Community


Approximately forty publications in French each year. Spirituality and testimonies form a large part of the catalogue. Conference proceedings of events organized by the Community are published, as are the green hymn books ‘Il est vivant!’ (He is alive!). These are compilations of the Emmanuel hymns.
The collection consists of more than 400 books and CDs. Many have been translated into other languages ​​by a variety of publishers (you may download a list).

Since its beginning, the Emmanuel Community has desired to publish books for people who are faithful to the teachings of the Church, but works also related to the culture of our time.

The offices of Emmanuel Publications are located in Paris.

Publications are distributed by ‘AVM Diffusion’ to religious book-shops and by Dilisco to general book-shops.

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