Emmanuel Bookshops

Evangelizing culture!


The challenge

  • To provide Christian answers to the questions of our time.
  • To assure a Christian presence in the cultural environment of our time.


Emmanuel bookshops offer a range of products designed to nourish one’s faith and give a solid Catholic formation – books, CDs, DVDs and religious objects for all ages.

Among the topics:

  • the question of the existence of God,
  • the origin and meaning of life ,
  • love, the body and sexuality
  • relationships in marriage, the family and between generations
  • engagement, marriage, support for the divorced and the remarried
  • how to exercise one’s freedom
  • the Social Doctrine of the Church
  • the economy, the workplace, management issues, business ethics
  • Bioethics
  • environmental issues, sustainable development and theories of evolution
  • trials of illness and disability
  • the end of our lives, death and the hereafter etc.
  • The products on offer are in accord with the Magisterium of the Church.


From the outset, the Emmanuel Community sought to distribute books for Catholic formation. Emmanuel bookshops have been present in the world of Catholic religious publishing for over 20 years.


With the evolution of new technologies, bookshops are turning more and more towards direct sales on the Internet, thus making their products more visible. They also offer digital products (e.g. online books, downloadable MP3s).
In Lyons, the Emmanuel bookshop continues to offer a welcome to the general public.
For more information: www.librairie-emmanuel.fr (fr)