Make an ISF Donation (French tax-payers only)

Certain apostolates of the Emmanuel Community may be supported by Foundations which are authorised to receive donations deductable from your ISF. Please get in touch with us so that your donation may be profitable for mission.

Contact for ISF donations: Pierrick Levesque  00 33 (0)6 32 32 57 75

The Fidesco Foundation

The Fidesco Foundation works under the aegis of the Caritas France Foundation to fight against poverty and exclusion in France and worldwide.

Each year Fidesco sends a large number of volunteers out all over the world. They offer their knowledge and skills to assist in essential development projects. At present, there are 170 volunteers in 35 countries.

To make an ISF donation: 

The «Le Rocher» Foundation

The «Le Rocher» Foundation works under the aegis of the Caritas France Foundation to fight against poverty and exclusion in France and worldwide.

«Le Rocher Oasis des Cités» works in sensitive social housing developments and working-class districts. In 8 towns in France volunteers offer educational support to more than 300 young people, visit many families and organise a variety of activities.

To make an ISF donation: 

Priests and Lay People

Priests of the Emmanuel Community, incardinated in their dioceses, work together with their lay brothers and sisters serving the Church in her mission. Support vocations and the formation of future priests of the Emmanuel Community by contributing to the financial costs and social security contributions of seminarians, priests and lay people involved in working for the Church.

A seminarian’s formation lasts a minimum of seven years (pre-seminary year plus seminary) and costs 17 000 € a year on average. Even though some dioceses contribute towards the cost of formation, fostering potential vocations and the formation of seminarians represents a very considerable cost for the Emmanuel Community.

We suggest that you support the National Foundation for the Clergy (la Fondation nationale pour le clergé), making your donation payable to them, and sending it to: Communauté de l’Emmanuel – 91 boulevard Blanqui – 75013 Paris.

Contact for benefactors:

Pierrick Levesque 00 33 (0)6 32 32 57 75

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