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Founded 41 years ago, the  Emmanuel Community is present in 59 countries, on every continent, and currently has nearly 10,000 members. It sets out to assist the Church in her mission, spreading the Good News throughout the world.

How does one make a legacy?

You may wish to make a legacy but do not know what you should do, or who you should contact. We offer to help you very simply with this unusual procedure. Do not hesitate to contact our legacy advisor, Pierre-Marie Morel 00 33 (0)6 31 93 51 16 or  via this contact form, he will respond to you in complete confidentiality.


Supporting a Church which is joyful and open to the whole world!

I am 50 years old and have been ill for the past year. My carefully planned future has become uncertain. So the question occurred to me: What will happen to my estate? Normally it goes to one’s family. But my family is my brothers and sisters in the Emmanuel Community because we share the same hope. Spiritual ties are sometimes stronger than ties of blood. One thing prevented me acting straight away: I thought that the procedures were complicated and costly. Not at all! You only have to go to a lawyer, tell him what you wish to leave and to whom. He drafts the document, you sign and it is done! I was filled with a deep peace; it was a weight off my mind. I am certain that my estate will enable the Community to serve the Church.

Martine, Paris

I know that this will bear fruit long after I am gone

I discovered the Emmanuel Community in the prayer groups in Paris and then during a Summer Session at Paray le Monial. When I retired, having a a fondness for the City of the Heart of Jesus, I came to live in Paray le Monial. I then wished to put my affairs in order and give away what I had been given. By a will written in my own hand I appointed the Community legatee on condition that it gave part of my estate to my heirs. In this way, they will not have to pay any taxes to the State. I informed the Community of the arrangements I had made. I know that after my death my estate will used for mission and for the Shrine at Paray le Monial. The wonderful thing is that the Lord has given me back one hundredfold because, after my arrival in Paray, I started on the journey with the Community. I have received the gift of a large familyt!

Jean-Marie, 67, Paray-le-Monial

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