Guest Houses


The Emmanuel Guest Houses are involved in the new evangelisation with joy and hope.


The Chézelles and Marigny

Guest Houses in France

These are situated several kilometres from Ile-Bouchard (near Tours) in splendid settings.  Retreats, open to all, are organised here, according to the graces of Emmanuel and within reach of the shrine. A welcome is extended to groups of pilgrims or members of the Community. For more than 10 years the two houses have been linked to the local diocese and to all the endeavours of the Community. They demonstrate the mission of Emmanuel in this place, consecrated to Our Lady since 1947 and which attracts increasing numbers of pilgrims from France and from other countries.

Address: 6 place de la Mairie, 37220 Chezelles, France.

Tel: 02 47 58 52 01
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The Birkenstein Guest House in Germany

For the last 20 years the Munich diocese has allowed the Community to use a large guest house next to the Marian shrine of Birkenstein, in the Bavarian Alps.

After housing the first School of Mission in German in 1992, the Community has benefitted from the graces of the place of welcome and has organised numerous prayer and formation meetings as well as Community get-togethers.  The open country-side around makes pleasant family excursions possible and the Marian shrine fosters meditative walks.

Address: Kapellenweg, 8- 83730 Fischbachau-Birkenstein.
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 oasis-2011_petiteThe ‘Oasis’ in the Holy Land

In December 2001 Bishop Marcuzzo enthusiastically welcomed the Community to this building on the Galilee lake-side. Prayer, the welcome given to pilgrims and holiday-makers and formation are the three main activities in this oasis. The Emmanuel Community has a particular concern for the future of the Church in the Holy Land, where a Christian presence has ‘a major importance for the well-being of the whole society’(1)

Address: POB 207 – 14101 Tiberias (Israël)

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1.  Message by Benedict XVI to Catholics living in the Middle East, 21st December 2006

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